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  • Mario Fire Adventure Mario Fire Adventure 1767 plays

    Mario wants to make princess happy. He runs into a mysterious fire burning stone chamber to collect four diamonds. Please help him to achieve his goal and return safely.

  • Mario Turbo ATV Mario Turbo ATV 1748 plays

    Mario is having fun with his new atv. Help Mario drive his atv through out the mario land. use turbo booster
    to boost its speed. Watch for the high hill and down slope. Do not let the atv fall. Collect coins to buy more booster
    for mario to use and reveal new character.

  • Mario Egg Delivery Mario Egg Delivery 1741 plays

    Yoshi are on shortage of yoshi egg. Help mario delivery the eggs to each yoshi house on time and on the
    right house. Collect coins on the way to boost your score.

  • Escape Mario Hidden Alphabets Escape Mario Hidden Alphabets 1702 plays

    Try to find all hidden alphabets and the highest score before time run out

  • Toon Enduro Challenge Toon Enduro Challenge 1678 plays

    Race as Mario against Ash from Pokemon,Goku from dragonball Z and Bart from the Simpsons. Are you able to beat this cartoons ?

  • Mario Bros Defenses Mario Bros Defenses 1671 plays

    Its battle time in Mario world! Help Mario bros defend their castle from monsters attack.

  • Mario Fire Pit Jumping Mario Fire Pit Jumping 1645 plays

    Mario needs to go through fire pits to finally find his princess! Help him jump!

  • Mario Defend Princess Mario Defend Princess 1623 plays

    King Bowser and his army is trying to get the Princess. Cannon them down.

  • King Kong Mario King Kong Mario 1607 plays

    Use raccoon Mario and his turtle companion to beat the levels in this platform game.

  • Mario Kart 64 Mario Kart 64 1578 plays

    Get in the back of the wheel of mario's kart and take on this roller coaster of a track and collect as many coins on the way to maximize your score

  • Luigi bounce Luigi bounce 1548 plays

    Make this Luigi satisfied, by hitting the mushroom. Just move the Luigi within the given space and reach the mushroom. Stay away from the its enemy, as you lose the game on contact with it. Your score increases and you move on to the next levels as you grab the mushrooms.

  • Soaring Mario Soaring Mario 1526 plays

    Mario New adventure! Help Mario kill all the monsters to pass each level and fight the boss.

  • Mario Shooter Mario Shooter 1479 plays

    Mario is shooting master yo, do not believe it?That we work together to help his training.

  • Mario Mushrooms Mario Mushrooms 1466 plays

    Mario mushrooms is a fun strategic physics game. Help Mario to shoot the mushrooms to merge with other mushroom. Grow and shrink mushrooms using your cannon. Have Fun with unique shooting game.

  • Mario Sliding Puzzle Mario Sliding Puzzle 1347 plays

    Choose between three levels of difficulty to play. Put together the picture of Mario and other characters. Move the puzzle piece by left clicking on it. The puzzle piece will move to the empty space next to it.

  • Mario Skateboard Mario Skateboard 1333 plays

    Help Mario skateboard this highly obstacle course along the way. Win all 8 levels to win the game, good luck and have fun.

  • Mario and princess escape y8 Mario and princess escape y8 1332 plays

    Mario and princess escape, you need to destroy them the way the enemy, and then to reach the end.

  • Mario Hidden Letters Mario Hidden Letters 1324 plays

    Mario Hidden Letters is based on famous fictional character Mario and other enemies and rivals Donkey Kong and Wario. Mario game is popular all over the world and in this hidden alphabet game you have to play and find the hidden letters. Kids can find the hidden letters and learn alphabets. Enjoy Mario hidden letters game!

  • Mario Great Adventure 4 Mario Great Adventure 4 1238 plays

    Mario and Yoshi is back in the mario land. This time they will be collecting fruits for the princess. There are
    many fruits out there in the platform. Help mario and yoshi get all the fruits and return to the princess. Watch out
    for the monsters, do not let them get you.

  • mario bus mario bus 1235 plays

    Mario drives the bus and must get to the finish line before the time expires.

  • Mario - 6 Differences Mario - 6 Differences 1234 plays

    Compare two images and find 6 differences in this Mario spot difference game. You will be rewarded 100 points for every correct click and you will lose 10 points for every incorrect.

  • Mario Hit The Road Mario Hit The Road 1206 plays

    Drive with your kart thru Super Mario Land, come and show us how fast you are in your kart!

  • Super Mario - Find the Differences Super Mario - Find the Differences 1187 plays

    As soon as you click the play button, a couple of Super Mario pictures would appear side by side. Even though they seem specifically the same, there are five differences, which you need to identify in an effort to win the game and move for the second picture. The differences are to be identifies in 60 seconds for you personally to win and move on to the next picture. As soon as you spot a difference, just click on exactly the same on any on the two photos in addition to a part of the bar at the bottom from the screen marked right would turn green. With just about every wrong click, a a part of the blunders bar would turn red. In case you click at 5 locations, which do not have any dissimilarity, you shed the game. You will discover a few related images and you are expected to determine 5 differences between them in as less as 60 seconds. Determine all 5 to move on towards the next image. The game consists of a total of ten images for you to play with and enjoy.

  • Miner Mario Miner Mario 1177 plays

  • Super Mario Jumping Super Mario Jumping 1167 plays

    Have fun in this jumping game of Super Mario. Jump on the clouds and reaches as high as possible without falling. Catch Lakitu and save Peach to double your points.

  • Super Mario Memory Game Super Mario Memory Game 1162 plays

    Find matching pairs of Mario characters of cards by clicking on them. Match all pairs of cards within time duration to go into next level.

  • Mario Matrix Sliding Mario Matrix Sliding 1133 plays

    An additional great sliding game for tiny little ones and grown up is Mario Matrix Sliding game. In this game it can be offered an image with the Mario Brothers in matrix style. As in other sliding games you might have to make this puzzle. First watch the image meticulously, then press play and get started playing this game. The image will split into 16 pieces which can be mixed and you must place them towards the suitable place. Use your mouse to move the pieces in the puzzle. Also you could click on background and also you can see which pieces belong in the empty portion. Just after you finish the puzzle it is possible to play once more, but have on thoughts that every single next time is far harder than the prior a single. Play this game so long as you like. Have exciting!

  • Super Mario Hidden Alphabets Super Mario Hidden Alphabets 1129 plays

    Analyze your power of observation by finding out the alphabets of Super Mario image. For each accurate click, score will get increased and for wrong click, score will get reduced.

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