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  • Mario Ghosthouse 2 Mario Ghosthouse 2 2759 plays In Mario Ghosthouse 2 game you will break out with Mario Ghosthouse. It has a lot of ghosts and sit by the big Boo haunted house. While playing this game you'll collect coins round the room. At the same time you will have to stare at the big boo to freeze them. participation and exit Ghosthouse mario games okay! Much fun
  • Mario Robo Battle Mario Robo Battle 2733 plays

    Bowser army is attacking mario with robot.The robot is equipped with different weapon and is very powerful. Mario
    will have to use his robot to fight back enemy. Help mario defeat all enemy robot using his robot power.

  • Mario Shoot Balloon Mario Shoot Balloon 2726 plays

    Mario Shoot Balloon is a fun physics puzzle game. You would help mario use his cannon shoot the balloons, make all balloons burst to complete a level! Hold your mouse, concentrates your mind, try to complete all levels with 3 stars!

  • Super Mario ATV Rush Super Mario ATV Rush 2720 plays

    Help Mario rides this cool ATV truck over the hill and collect gold coins. Each new level presents you with a new challenge to accomplish.

  • Mario Combo Biker Mario Combo Biker 2693 plays

    Help Mario doing his tricks on his biker and try to score as many point you can.
    Or play the championship and earn the points you need to go to the next level. Have fun!

  • Cute Rabbit in Mario World Cute Rabbit in Mario World 2547 plays

    A cute rabbit accidently falls into the world of Mario. Will he survive the challenge as Mario?

  • Mario Buggy Roll Mario Buggy Roll 2543 plays

    Mario is racing in a buggy. Race with mario in this game with 5 levels. Try to be the first to finish and win this competition!

  • Bross Adventure Bross Adventure 2535 plays

    Mario is going on adventure again. Collect all the coins and kill your enemies. Have fun!

  • The Great Giana Sisters The Great Giana Sisters 2487 plays Retroflash! Some of you might still know this game from the C64. Here's the flash version of the cult platformer.
  • Mario Nice Dream Mario Nice Dream 2457 plays

    Mario has a dream about the beautiful princess. He wake up and decide to find her. Mario wants to see the most beautiful princess because he is falling in love with her. Use the mouse to click obstacles, make Mario catch princess.

  • Sophie In Time Sophie In Time 2425 plays

    Play the game and jump in time in real time with Sophie.

  • World of Wario World of Wario 2394 plays

    Go on adventure with Wario in the world of wario! Help him to collect al the mushrooms and beat his enemies to clear all the levels. Have fun!

  • 3D Mario Snowboard 3D Mario Snowboard 2349 plays

    Mario it's up to a new challenge. This time he must prove his snowboarding skills in this
    awesome downhill adventure. Try to avoid the obstacles such as trees, rocks or pipes and
    collect as much red flags and mushrooms as you can.

  • Snowy Mario 4 Snowy Mario 4 2270 plays

    Mario is on a snow skating activity on the mountain. He is having fun skating through the mountain. Help
    mario avoid the side and other obstacles on the way. Make mario reach the end without falling and within limited
    of time.

  • Luigi's Typing Luigi's Typing 2251 plays

    Test your ability to write on this Luigi's Typing Game. Type the correct letter and go to the next level. Watch out the letters will fall faster.

  • Santa Mario Delivery Santa Mario Delivery 2238 plays

    It is Christmas time for the year 2013. Mario once again, dressup like Santa and riding on his lovely
    kart to delivery gifts for all of his friends. His friends are seeking different type of gifts. Help
    mario delivery the right gifts to for each of his friends.

  • Snowy Mario 3 Snowy Mario 3 2217 plays

    Mario is playing with snowman on the field, but monster show up and attack mario. Help mario turn the monster into snowman before they catch a snowman and transform it into one of the monster.
    Throw snowball at the monster to turn all of them into snowman to clear the level.

  • Sort My Tiles Mario and Luigi Sort My Tiles Mario and Luigi 2211 plays

    Sort the tiles to get Mario, Luigi, and all the cast from Mario puzzle.

  • Save Mario 2 Save Mario 2 2167 plays

    Save your favorite mario from dragon.Escape through all the obstacles on your bike.Use space bar for nitro. Collect stars to score points. Have fun!

  • Mario Drag Mario Drag 2141 plays

    Mario Drag is a great racing game. Win 2 out of 3 races and qualify for the next level.

  • Mario Typing Mario Typing 2126 plays

    Test your ability to write on this Mario Typing Game. Type the correct letter and go to the next level. Watch out the letters will fall faster.

  • Mario Riding Bike Mario Riding Bike 2105 plays

    Help Mario ride his bike to the end of all levels without losing control. Try to collect as much points as possible.

  • Mario snacks Catching Mario snacks Catching 2031 plays

    Mario is hungry and he is try to catch his lunch but he does not like peanuts.

  • Mario Go Kart Mario Go Kart 2030 plays

    Go karting with Mario and his friends!
    Look out for the banana's and try to get the special blocks for some special effects.
    Try the career mode, single race or time trial. Have fun!

  • Mario Egg Rescue Mario Egg Rescue 2006 plays

    Yoshi eggs were stolen by browser and were kept inside the castle. Mario and yoshi head to the castle and
    try to take all the eggs back from the evil browser. Help mario finish all the require task and rescue all the egg.
    Do not get caught by browser who are walking outside the castle.

  • Mario DK Battle Mario DK Battle 2006 plays

    Princess has been kidnapped by Donkey Kong. Help maio pass all the level and rescue princess from Donkey Kong.
    Collect all the coins in each level in order to advance to next level. Avoid all the monsters at all cost.
    Find Donkey Kong on level 10 and level 20, defeat him and rescue the princess.

  • Mario Coin Collector Mario Coin Collector 1988 plays

    Help Mario drive his truck to collect all the coins. Use your arrow keys to drive and balance Marios truck.Be careful while driving because you have three chances before the game is over. Collect as many coins as you can and submit your scores at the end to see where you rank among other players.

  • Luigi Stunts Luigi Stunts 1950 plays

    Welcome to the world of Luigi and cross around it on your fast motorbike! Enjoy the crazy brand new tracks.

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