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  • Super Mario Head-Up Super Mario Head-Up 3881 plays The game is very simple you just need to use the arrow keys to participate Super Mario Head-Up game you will try not to let the ball touch the ground. Mario controls to position the ball can fall. With his picture and sound funny. Have Fun!
  • Monoliths Mario World 2 Monoliths Mario World 2 3872 plays Version 2 of one of the best mario game adaptations.
  • Mario Water Boy Mario Water Boy 3833 plays The princess is on the other side of the desert and needs some fresh water. Help Mario get the water to the princess before times runs out!
  • Mario Space Age Mario Space Age 3814 plays Grab glowing orbs as Mario as you dodge the space age enemies that are firing at you.
  • Super Mario Hardcore Super Mario Hardcore 3759 plays Super Mario with guns and bullets!
  • New Super Mario World New Super Mario World 3748 plays Not that super but a new Mario World game is what we have here! Jump and run and collect the coins in this little platform game.
  • Mario vs Zombie Defense Mario vs Zombie Defense 3695 plays

    The zombies are attacking mario land. They came from nowhere and are aiming to break down mario land.
    Help mario defense his land using his available weapon to kill all the incoming zombies. Buy upgrade on weapon
    using the coins collected on battlefield.

  • Super Mushroom Mario Super Mushroom Mario 3648 plays Collect the mushroom and bring them to the castle.
  • Mario at the Barber Mario at the Barber 3642 plays After a decade of the same old look, Mario wants a change. Let's see what we can do for him.
  • Santastic Santa Santastic Santa 3605 plays Run and jump as you hit presents like Mario with your head and turn into Santa and throw snowballs.
  • Super Mario: Star Scramble Super Mario: Star Scramble 3566 plays Super Mario: Star Scramble is the game that is similar to the classic Mario games. But there is some distinct points. First of all, to pass the another level, you need to unlock it by complete the current level successfully. When you enter the game, you will see the gates that represent the levels of the game. Use your left and right arrow keys to control your character and to jump, use your Z key.
  • Mario Puppets Mario Puppets 3549 plays Line up the Marios! Jump up next to other Marios of the same color.
  • Super Mario Ice Tower Super Mario Ice Tower 3510 plays Use your skill to jump Mario onto each platform as you keep from falling off.
  • Mario in Trouble Mario in Trouble 3505 plays In the Mario in Trouble game you will help Mario characters escape but our problems and find out the best way to safely return home. Avoid fire, do not fall into the fire. Shoot the enemies along the way. Get involved and visit the Mario characters brave and loving our okay! To navigate your character use arrow keys and to shoot, use Space Bar.
  • Super Mario Remix Super Mario Remix 3489 plays Super Mario Remix, a classic Mario game. join games with a lot of fun to join the game you only need to use the arrow keys to move and enter the pipe and Z key to jump. Enjoy the game
  • Super Mario Halloween Edition Super Mario Halloween Edition 3439 plays The classic Super Mario Bros with a Halloween theme.
  • Mario Sniper Mario Sniper 3398 plays

    This is an hidden objects game play and enjoy this game.

  • Mario Over Run Mario Over Run 3356 plays Select your weapon loadout and then protect your castle.
  • Mario Pick Star Mario Pick Star 3351 plays

    Help Mario get his star.

  • Super Mario Boat Bonanza Super Mario Boat Bonanza 3277 plays Control Mario and his boat. Collect coins and green mushrooms. Watch out for the enemies like the piranhas, skeleton birds and bomb balloons.
  • Paper Mario World Paper Mario World 3200 plays Here comes another Mario platform action game. Jump, run and use your hammer to crunch the enemies.
  • Super Mario Starroad Super Mario Starroad 3189 plays Grab the coins as you jump OVER goombas and reach the final ending star at each level. Many levels!
  • Super Raynes World Super Raynes World 3158 plays Grab coins, jump over enemies and collect powerups in this "Super Mario" like adventure game.
  • Super Mario World Revived Super Mario World Revived 3069 plays Another mario game
  • Super Mario Vetorial World Super Mario Vetorial World 2986 plays Another game of Mario with a few levels. Can you make it through each level alive?
  • Super Mario Wonderland Super Mario Wonderland 2847 plays Super Mario Wonderland is the game that you can drive a wonderland car with mario. You need to collect the stars that are on your path. There are two different extra point badges. The blue one is related to the extra fuel and the red one is related to the turbo. Watch out for your vehicle's fuel level. You need to collect almost all of the blue ones. When you need to speed up, use turbo with the Space bar
  • Mario Shoot'em Up Mario Shoot'em Up 2817 plays Select your weapon loadout and then protect your castle.
  • The Rambo Bros The Rambo Bros 2805 plays Mario and Luigi save Princess Peach with guns.

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