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  • Peach's Pitch Peach's Pitch 4899 plays This time it is the princess, not Mario who has to confront Bowser's henchmen.
  • Bowser Ball Bowser Ball 4898 plays Keep Mario safe as you dodge the boulders bowser throws. Careful there are 4 bowsers!
  • Yepi Super Mario 63 Yepi Super Mario 63 4897 plays This awesome Super Mario Bros platform jump and run adventure game is not only advisable for Mario or Luigi fans! Use the arrow keys, Z, X and C to explore the world. Use your arrow keys to play this free online flash game.
  • Angry Mario Angry Mario 4889 plays Angry Mario 3 game you shoot with Mario Goomba's all. By aiming the ability to accurately target for victory. Have you played Mario fun!
  • Mario Dressup Mario Dressup 4872 plays Dress up Mario any way you like!
  • Gangster Bros. 1.1 Gangster Bros. 1.1 4859 plays The latest version of Gangster Bros, with bug fixes and improved gameplay.
  • Mario Zeppelin 3 Mario Zeppelin 3 4801 plays

    With 7 different levels for you to participate and experience in this adventure.
    Collect money and also have to be careful with the zeppelin in this game.

  • Mario Ghost House Mario Ghost House 4795 plays Mario Ghost House is an awesome arcade games! Mario had got lost in the haunted house. You need to help him solve the riddle to escape haunted house!
  • Mario Snow Mario Snow 4747 plays Dodge the Mario universe characters as you jump from line to line for as long as possible.
  • Gangster Bros 1 1 Gangster Bros 1 1 4672 plays The latest version of Gangster Bros, with bug fixes and improved gameplay.
  • Luigi: Castle On Fire Luigi: Castle On Fire 4670 plays You're Luigi, jump over openings in the castle floor and dodge the Mario Bros. universe creatures.
  • Old Mario Bros Old Mario Bros 4664 plays Run and jump on platforms and goombas in the Mario universe as you stay alive and complete levels.
  • Super Mario Rampage  Super Mario Rampage 4648 plays Super Mario Rampage is a game of adventure. In this game you must destroy enemies with firearms in the hands of Mario. A key to move left in the game, press D to move to the right, the W key to jump. Shoot with the mouse to destroy the creatures. Good Luck!
  • Super Marioworld Cape Glide Super Marioworld Cape Glide 4641 plays Keep Mario floating and let him glide with his cape. Don't crash!
  • Super Mario Strikers Super Mario Strikers 4641 plays the aim is to bounce the Soccer Ball on Mario's noggin and hit the character icons for points.
  • Star Scramble 2 Star Scramble 2 4626 plays Super Mario Star Scramble 2 with the new version you! new version with the new challenges you to conquer you to become a winner you will be running and jumping to overcome the obstacles to the winner Mario! Good Luck
  • Super Flash Mario Bros Super Flash Mario Bros 4620 plays Another nice Mario game.
  • Super Mario Racing Super Mario Racing 4616 plays Super Mario Racing is an exciting car racing game. before joining the race you choose your favorite car. After spending 3 races you will join the race to new levels with many interesting attractions. You use the keyboard X to control the object
  • Mario logs1 Mario logs1 4610 plays

    In mario logs1 game you will use the mouse to try to put some more wood box, the higher your score. Have fun!.

  • Rambo Bros. Rambo Bros. 4609 plays Shoot the Mario characters and watch the blood spill.
  • Luigi's Day Luigi's Day 4596 plays Why play as Mario when you can take the role of Luigi.
  • Mario Bros. in Pipe Panic Mario Bros. in Pipe Panic 4589 plays Mario and Luigi in pacman world.
  • Droppin Beats 2 Droppin Beats 2 4589 plays A fun challenging music game! evade all the Mario charecters that will drop according to the beat. How long can you survive?
  • Mario Memory Mario Memory 4570 plays Match the same Mario Bros. characters and find which pic is under each card. Mario themed memory match game.
  • Mario Kart Parking Mario Kart Parking 4567 plays Mario Kart Parking, parking is an exciting game. Yyou are parked in a certain period of time. To complete the level you need to have the fastest of parking. Have fun participating game!
  • Luigis Revenge Interactive Luigis Revenge Interactive 4558 plays Plays as Luigi in this interactive sprite flash game!
  • Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion 4529 plays Save Mario from the ghost.
  • Super Angelo Super Angelo 4455 plays Super Angelo is a game like Super Mario World. In this game you will have to rescue the princess escape the monsters overcome extreme obstacles. mario game you only need to use the arrow keys. Good Luck!

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