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  • Mario Bomber 4 Mario Bomber 4 10314 plays Here comes Mario Bomber 4, with new characters and new features to play with. You can pick four characters from Mario, Lugi, Bowser, to Koopa to battle each other in the battle field. To win the battle, you will have to stay in the field until the time runs out with the highest score. Good Luck!
  • Infinite Mario in html 5 Infinite Mario in html 5 10303 plays Mario World in html 5 :)
  • Super Mario Star Scramble 2 - Ghost Island Super Mario Star Scramble 2 - Ghost Island 10301 plays Move Mario through the arenas as you grab the coins and stars. Squish monsters, and avoid ghosts.
  • Waluigi Game Waluigi Game 10002 plays Grab some coins and dodge the enemies that are bouncing and flying around.
  • Super Mario Save Peach Super Mario Save Peach 9888 plays You already saved 3 of yours friends, but this time you have to save Peach. Are you able to save here in this Mario adventure?
  • Mario Heli Strike Mario Heli Strike 9798 plays Shoot incoming enemies as fast as you can.
  • Jump Mario 3 Jump Mario 3 9758 plays Jump upwards and grab as many stars from the sky as possible as you keep from going off the screen. Escape spiteful enemies, the time is limited.
  • Yoshi's Cookie(1992) Yoshi's Cookie(1992) 9488 plays The object of the game is for Mario to mix and match the cookies. The player controls a cursor which can be used to slide rows of a single "square" of individual cookies in a method similar to a Rubik's Cube.
  • Cute Mario Driving Cute Mario Driving 9482 plays Mario drove his new car at a high speed on the expressway, but there were too many cars here.As a freshman, Mario will meet a lot of obstacles. Come to help him !
  • Super Jerry Super Jerry 9455 plays There is a witch who wants to catch Nibbles for experiment of her new magic. She hypnotizes Tom to do it for her. Now The witch has Caught Nibbles and locked it to a cage which is guard by various monsters.
  • Mario Miner Mario Miner 9300 plays I have told you, nothing can stop Mario to have a good time or to taste another adventure. He is now happy because he got the permission to go and work as a miner and collect all the gold he can find into the mine. Help him move fast and collect as many gold stones as you can.
  • Super Mario Castle Super Mario Castle 9177 plays In Super Mario Castle, the famous plumber has to reach the very top of a castle.
  • Super Miner Super Miner 9106 plays As a Miner, your objective is to collect gold and gems and avoid from catching rocks and obstacles and reach to the goal of the level you are in.
  • Super Mario Jump 2 Super Mario Jump 2 8899 plays Super Mario Jump 2 is a new super mario game. The goal of this game, is to jump higher as possible in the unlimited level. The level is generated randomly. Earn points by jumping on the coins, the bombs and the ennemis and buy new bonus in the shopping center.
  • Super Mario Bomber Super Mario Bomber 8807 plays here comes your chance to play Bomberman with all the characters from the Mario World.
  • Mario Rush Mario Rush 8774 plays Drive mario in his favorite red car to cross obstacles and complete level. Control speed and avoid crash. Collect points to score high. Have fun ride!
  • Mario Egg Catch Mario Egg Catch 8441 plays Help Mario collect eggs, the more eggs you collect, the more points you will get.
  • Super Mario Time Attack Super Mario Time Attack 8378 plays Get to the princess before the time goes up.
  • Super Mario - Save Luigi Super Mario - Save Luigi 8345 plays Grab all the coins to reveal the star. Unlock and grab the star to finish each level.
  • Mario Ride 3 Mario Ride 3 8324 plays A Fun series of Mario Ride is back with more fun and exciting levels. Change your bike with mario power, you will love to ride mario on his new bike. More thrills and more fun in the third edition. Collect points and balance your ride to reach next level. Have a fun ride!
  • Mario Arrow Mario Arrow 8242 plays Shoot all balloons that fly using your bow and arrow.
  • Mario Jeux Mario Jeux 8197 plays Later levels get short timelimits, and puzzles that can only be completed with large Mario.
  • Mario Dance Mario Dance 7991 plays Show Mario that you got the moves.
  • Mario Tractor 2 Mario Tractor 2 7968 plays Mario is back in his tractor and this time, he has his friends with him too. Complete certain levels to unlock special characters.
  • Mario Crystal Cave Mario Crystal Cave 7948 plays A Beautiful Mario fun game where you have to save your favourite mario from some crazy enemies in the crystal cave.
  • New Super Mario Racing New Super Mario Racing 7588 plays Race against all characters of Super Mario Bros.
  • Doublebot Doublebot 7561 plays In Doublebot you play the old classics Mario, Legend of Zelda and Megaman, from another perspective. Use your robot to fight or collect your way to the Bosses. Play the way you feel like to reach one of the endings of each level!
  • Mario Bomb It Mario Bomb It 7475 plays Blow up your opponents before they kill you.

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